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Advertising of cigarettes

Let's look at the role of advertising in the consumption of a particular brand. The rapid spread of smoking in the twentieth century occurred due to the extremely successful advertising. Today cigarette advertising is just an image. There is less information, more and more purely visual appeal. The advertising of tobacco products made cigarettes simple consumer goods. Today, all over the world, a smoker is not smoking a cigarette, but America, friendship, love, sexuality, and elite.

Underdeveloped market of tobacco advertising led to an almost chaste attitude of the majority of women to smoke. But now polls mark a significant increase in the proportion of women smokers. Meanwhile in the U.S. in the mid-90s the number of female smokers became more than 50% of total female population due to a specific advertisement. Cheap cigarettes were advertised to women as a way to emancipated behavior. A woman with a cigarette in an advertisement was represented as independent, modern, sexy, and business lady. Some brands in ads even linked smoking with less weight and weight loss.

Cigarettes for women can be easily distinguished from male: they are thinner, with the colored paper on the filters and elegant logos. The image is unambiguous: smoking makes you slim, trim, elegant and fashionable.

As for the packaging, the women's brands of cigarettes can feel their feminine beginning: emphasizes exclusivity, high cost, ease and style cigarettes. This is a pack of cigarette that a smoker is not ashamed to get out of the purse during any meeting. Femininity is also manifested in the tender decoration of gold lying on the poster next to the pack, and even in a sophisticated, feminine handwriting, which is used to write a slogan.

Sometimes it's not necessarily to change the packaging. You can just go through the limited editions. Still, the packaging should be replaced with a certain periodicity, developing its new design, so that it becomes part of the image, stylish accessory. In general, the need for change is explained by packing elementary attract consumer influence. According to some studies, mostly women smoke at work and in the cafe / bar, which means that it is necessary to ensure that smoking has become commonplace in the demonstration so that a smoker not be ashamed in front of her friends for the choice of cigarettes.

Published: Friday, June 08, 2012

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