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Disadvantages of smoking

Of course, the biggest disadvantage of smoking is associated with health consequences. Smoking increases the risk of many diseases. Active smoking reduces lung capacity, increases the chance of developing asthma, contributes to cancer of the larynx and lungs, and emphysema. Do not believe that you would never add a number to the statistics. Smoking will go with you hand in hand and will change your body in a way which would never happen if you do not start smoking. Please take a few minutes to read the information coming from a variety of medical institutions, and the media.

Smoking, especially heavy, can actually cause serious problems. But - and we particularly stress - health hazards of smoking is usually perceived and described as too terrible by health activists, when in fact it is much smaller. Have you heard that the smoker, consume an average of half a pack a day, died of lung cancer or emphysema? In fact, many researchers are focusing on those who smoke more than a pack per day, but even of them choose those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and unsportsmanlike. If you smoke, but sport activity and healthy diet take place in your life, it reduces your negative effects of smoking. Of course, if you start to smoke more, exercising can be difficult, but in any case, even a simple charging bad helps. At the very least, American Legend cigarettes you will have the same health as the non-smoking women, disdain diet and exercise.

Another issue is the care of others. The more active you smoke, the more smoke in the air around you, especially in confined areas. It most certainly will produce a negative effect on those around you. There may be cases of exacerbation of allergy, asthma, and the emergence of other problems related to the respiratory system, and this should definitely be considered.

There are many reasons not to smoke. For most it is their own personal reasons and personal matter. For many it is because of stereotypes, social pressure. Please consider all the possible consequences of the upcoming decisive step - read the description of the interaction of smoking and women. Women sometimes big supporters cigarettes than men, and therefore will be harder to quit. If you decide to smoke in the future, this jealous, amazing habit can not give you the right choice. Are you ready for this?

We strongly recommend to find out more about the health risks incurred by smoking, and to correlate this with your personal - physical and mental - pleasure and satisfaction that will give you smoking when decisive choices. There is something to think about, and it would be good to do this before you start to act. Only after you are fully evaluated and weighed, you will feel that the decision was not under some pressure and not in a hurry, but on their own, as an adult, informed, confident and intelligent person.

Published: Friday, March 15, 2013

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