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Reasons to smoke cigarettes

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. Any substance is good within reasonable limits. On the other side, even medicines that save lives can be used to kill. They say that if you set the moderated dose, even poison can be healthy and good. There is a big area in the medicine called Homeopathy that is based on such principles.

According to the researches, it turned out that even smoking has advantages. This is not a surprise after all; however our society is used to hear about disadvantages of cigarettes only. Not fair, don't you think? We'd like to underline that the article is not the appeal to propaganda smoking. However it is called to remind about advantages of the thing that we are used to look at as a negative one only.

Here is the list of benefits that were registered in people who smoked 3 regular cigarettes per day:

  1. For many asthmatics, smoking cigarettes relieve cough and make breathing easier. But keep in mind that some asthmatics have the diametrically opposed reaction to smoking.

  2. Smoking helps to relax.
  3. It is officially registered that letting mental health and addictions patients smoke decreases their stress level.

  4. Smoking helps to concentrate.

  5. Nicotine stimulates the brain, improves memory and quality of information processing.

  6. Smoking is a "communicative" means.

  7. Nicotine compensates the deficit of brain activity in schizophrenia patients.

  8. Smoking reduces appetite, which is very good feature for those whose life is in danger because of obesity.

  9. Smokers risk of Parkinson's disease is up to 70% less than in non-smokers.

  10. Nicotine has positive effect in various allergic diseases.
  11. No doubt that the list can be challenged. However in the world about 1.3 billion people smoke cigarettes. Many of them do not care about the harm warnings, being very informed about them. Often the smoking is not a depending habit, but a conscious and deliberate chose of adult people.

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Published: Friday, December 10, 2010

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