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Smoking accessories

As with many other things, smoking has its own accessories. Such elegant things as cigarette holder or cigarette case used to be very popular among smoker of any gender, but several last decades they are mostly used by female smokers.

Cigarette holder in fact doesn't add anything to smoking, but it improves the effect on people around you.  Cigarette holders are available in various lengths from about 3 or 4 inches to almost unbelievable 35 cm or even more. Most of them represent a hollow tube, one end of which is a hole with the size suitable for inserting a cigarette. The other end of this tube, tapering to the edge, is placed in smoker's mouth. Apart from the usual solid holders there are telescopic with provisions for more than one cigarette. They can be different colors, and sometimes also very nice decorated with some types of jewelry. So cigarette holders can be very elegant and glamorous.

Keep in mind that most cigarette holders are designed for cigarettes of regular diameter. This means that thinner slim cigarettes may not be appropriate for a cigarette holder. But sometimes the end of cigarette holders into which cigarettes are inserted, are made in the shape of a cone offering the possibility to use cigarettes of any type, including super-slim. So, before buying cigarette holders check with the seller, it is suitable for your favorite cigarettes.

Another popular accessory is cigarette case. Indeed, if you do not often smoke, cigarette case is convenient that can be worn in the pocket or in a purse. Slightly larger in size than the compact powder, it opens, showing a single row of cigarettes. Sometimes ten, but some can accommodate as many as 20 pieces (pack). However, when buying you should always check for what format is the one cigarette a cigarette case. Since the size of cigarette cases is fixed, they are created for certain cigarettes. Cigarettes case keep smokes from damage, and at the same time it's elegant accessory.  You may have to spend some time searching for the desired size or design option for your cigarette case. When you buy cigarettes, you have to move them from a paper pack to cigarette case.

In addition, there is such a thing as a pouch. They look like a small bag for cigarettes. Pouches come in all shapes and sizes for any length of cigarettes. Some are of fantastic design, sometimes adorned with jewels; others may simply be in the form of a leather pouch. As a rule, there is a pouch tapes, tighten the top and do not allow cigarettes to fall out. Plus pouches usually have a small pocket in which to store the lighter, so your cigarettes and lighter will be kept together and are very easy to carry.

Published: Friday, February 22, 2013

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