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The Etiquette of Smoking Cigarettes

Courteous smokers are not lighting their cigarettes at the streets in a place where there are people - at a bus stop in the queue, at the dinner table. In any room, they before smoking assure to ask permission from their neighbors - it could be around people who are not carrying the smell of tobacco smoke. While, for example, in the institution, smokers are allowed to light up in designated place. And of course, you should never smoke around children or a sick person.

Keep in mind that smoking is prohibited at: - Public transport - buses, trams, subways, etc.
 - in the elevator;
 - On the plane (while burning the words "no smoking");
 - In concert halls and theaters (except for designated smoking areas);
 - In wards;
 - In restaurants or cafes, if there is no ashtrays on the tables;
 - Meetings in institutions and firms. (Given the presence at the meetings of smokers can make one or two breaks, so that they can satisfy your "tobacco" famine in places designated for smoking).

It's considered rude to smoke at such events as: - At weddings;
 - At the funeral;
 - During religious events.

Smoker should follow some rules: - Being in the company of friends, before you smoke, ask their permission. An exception can be made only if the cigarette is lit.
 - Not very tactful, being among friends, relatives or friends, to invite someone from the audience to have a smoke - a lot of people, especially women, do not want to flaunt their habit of smoking and buying discount cigarettes;
 - After the meeting with friends, shaking hands with them, you should remove the cigarette from your mouth;
 - Accompanying a woman on the street, the man has no right to smoke.

When you are visiting smokers' place (you are aware of this in advance), it is unethical, if the owner almost from the door to announce that "in this house they do not smoke." Tactfully enough is to hint that smoking can be in another room or place.

Where it is allowed to smoke? The most appropriate place is at the coffee table. But here, has its own conventions. The first light up the eldest or the guests of honor, then - all the rest. It's not polite to light a cigarette at a time when someone pronounces a toast in it. But if you've done it once, you can not extinguish it. It is unethical to offer to the neighbors on the table cigarettes that you smoke. It should be remembered that every smoker have their own favorite brand of cigarettes, and usually buy cigarettes and carry with themselves. Offering your favorite brand like Winston cigarettes, you can put him in an awkward position: refuse and can not, and smoke your Glamour cigarettes there is no desire. Light up a cigarette or a cigarette just after the coffee is served. The same tube during a party in general not taken up smoking.

If the owner of the occasion does not offer to light up after a while one can ask whether smoking is permitted. Smoking pipe should ask the hostess special permission. (If only the master himself will not give an example, smoking a pipe). If the neighbors are busy on the table eating, about smoking can not be considered. If your neighbors brought food at a time when you smoke, do not necessarily extinguish the cigarette or a cigarette, you can ask for permission to continue to smoke. The golden rule is: at the table, where there are women and nonsmokers, it is better not to smoke. When someone eats, the smoke will spoil their appetite.

Published: Friday, February 17, 2012

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