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The taste of cigarettes and flavored cigarettes

If you try to tell a non-smoker about the unique taste and aroma of cigarettes, they will never understand you. They already know how wonderful it's to be in the smoking room, where the tobacco smoke of cheap cigarettes is, as well as enjoy the delicious smell of bulls in public restrooms and private ashtrays. However, a non-smoker knows only the smell of tobacco, but we are talking about the taste of cigarettes, which is not the same as cigarettes' smell.

In fact, a novice smoker, and occasional smoker, are unlikely to understand the true taste of discount cigarettes, to feel the strength of cigarettes. Tobacco smoke and other smoke, for example, from the burning debris vary a little at first glance.

It should also be noted that the taste of cigarettes and flavored cigarettes are a bit different things. At first let's consider flavored cigarettes with fillers. The most popular flavors include menthol, chocolate, cherries, pineapples and bananas. The function of these flavors is to improve the smell and taste (especially for novice smokers) the true tobacco smoke. Not by chance, most women buy cheap cigarettes which are flavored. The best aroma substitute is, no doubt, menthol due to its freshness.

But the flavors do not cover completely the taste of the tobacco smoke. So why are there used flavors, if the taste of smoke still feels? To be honest, it's the marketing ploy of tobacco corporations who offer cheapest more cigarettes. Manufacturers of tobacco smoking benefits in addition when captivating fans of cherries, oranges, bananas, etc. in order to increase sales.

The taste of cigarettes can be captured and understood only by a regular smoker, when tobacco smoke is pleasant itself. How to get the taste of cigarettes? It's simple, smoke one cigarette after another, day after day, and human body adapts to the inhaled smoke and taste buds are starting to pass into the brain pleasant taste and flavor of burning tobacco. Frankly speaking, the taste of cigarettes is an illusion of the smoker.

Some manufacturers are applying such filters as carbon because they retain a greater amount of harmful tar. However, many smokers report that carbon filters also improve the taste of tobacco cigarettes, revealing its pure nature.

Published: Friday, April 27, 2012

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