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Tobacco Companies are Developing "Useful" Cigarette

Tobacco companies that produce less harmful cigarettes may in a few years gain a significant part of the U.S. market. Bank analysts J. P. Morgan suggested that the 2015 sales of just "harmless" cigarettes could be worth $ 20 billion per year, while total revenue of tobacco companies in the U.S. now is $ 50 billion.

Attempts to sell harmless cigarettes took place before, but have not been successful. Therefore, it is now the tobacco companies, which threaten by billions in lawsuits from smokers, it's more important than ever to prove that they are fighting for human health. Tobacco companies again are going to market cigarettes with "potentially limited impact" (PREP). They are actively investing in the production of less harmful cigarettes, improving the filter, reducing the amount of chemicals in tobacco, and even using a variety of genetically modified tobacco. The efforts of producers grow in proportion to the risk of litigation. Pour oil on the fire and the frequent incursions of the authorities in the activities of tobacco companies.

However, according to J. P. Morgan analyst, not a lesser role is played by consumer preferences: "Talking about PREPs has been going on for a long time, but now, thanks to growing demand and new technologies, production of "harmless" cigarettes is becoming a reality. People need a choice, they no longer want to hear the call to "Quit", and they are interested in alternative options."

According to the J. P. Morgan experts, on the development of less harmful cigarettes in the past five years have been spent $3 billion in most studies have put the company owned by Altria Philip Morris, manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, and British American Tobacco. It is assumed that by the end of this year, Philip Morris will most actively promote the new product in the U.S., where PREP, obviously, will be needed in the first place.

According to Staynika, the new U.S. legislation in this area will help companies sell the product. Recently, the upper house of Congress adopted the Law on the Prevention of smoking in the home and control tobacco use. Now the bill awaits approval by the House of Representatives. Under this law, the Administration Control Food and Drug Administration will keep under review each complaint smoker who believes that his health had been harmed.

Published: Thursday, December 08, 2011

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