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What is the difference between pipes and cigarettes?

The difference between pipe and cigarettes smoking is very principle, like between vodka and wine. With the help of a tube man gets pleasure from the delicious natural tobacco smoke, decorated with long leisure, quiet, and very enjoyable. Cigarettes are usually smoked in funny, loud companies, at occasion, anywhere. Also buying cigarettes at is much easier even for a first-time smoker or an occasional smoker.

Pipe tobacco is pure tobacco leaves the way nature created them, hardened and cut exposed to a gentle treatment for fermentation. For the tobacco blend used different varieties of tobacco grown in different regions, gathered together in the proportions verified.

In cigarettes also used the so-called homogenized tobacco. This tobacco dust, broth through a paper machine rolls, then cut and filled into the cartridge. The use of such surrogates can significantly reduce costs, simplify storage requirements, and produce huge circulation cigarettes taste exactly the same, independent of any material from neither the region's growth, nor the climate in the year of harvest.

Plus, the production of homogenized tobacco in a decoction of it is easy to add various additives, normalizing burning and giving at least some taste of cheap raw materials. Not to mention the dilution of tobacco varieties for light davidoff cigarettes. But of course, there are expensive varieties of cigarettes, made of high quality precious tobacco. Also, there is economy-tobacco for pipes, usually strongly flavored.

The actual process of smoking pipes and cigarettes differs too much. Typically, the pipe smoking is not in mouthfuls, just picking up the smoke into his mouth, and releasing it through the mouth or nose. Many of pipe tobacco are so strong that can not be deeply inhaled.

But the main difference is in the duration of smoking. If you smoke a cigarette can be on the run for a couple of minutes for the tube should be about an hour, and all this time, it requires attention. It can not overheat, it is impossible to forget about it and allow cooling of tobacco. The pipe is rarely smoked during work time and other activities.

The most important feature, nowadays, is the cost of smoking hobby. It's not a secret that many pipes, especially handmade pipes cost a lot of money, also the pipe tobacco should be kept in special conditions, tasteful are only high-quality tobaccos of premium class. However a pack of cigarettes is significant cheaper and cheap cigarettes online when smoked are nethertheless enjoyable.

Published: Friday, August 03, 2012

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